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Thread: Dual Boot Ubuntu Encrypted, Kali Encrypted

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    Dual Boot Ubuntu Encrypted, Kali Encrypted

    Good evening, I have been trying for the past few days to install a dual boot on my laptop (uefi), and it keeps breaking one of my installs. Here is my current setup:

    250 GB HDD
    500mb /boot
    -220 GB ubuntu LVM encrypted install.
    -22 GB free space.

    Since there is no default way of simply doing kali LVM on an empty space, I am doing the following:
    -Create a Physical volume for encryption, and choose the free space.
    -Create a volume group for encryption, and set as my / partition.
    When I hit continue, it complains that /boot already has data. If I format it, I lose my ubuntu install (of course). If I do not, Kali doesn't install.

    Has anyone else come across this, and found a way to dual boot Ubuntu Encrypted and Kali Encrypted?

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    I actually made an account to help you out with this.
    There most probably are two ways to install a dual boot. I managed to dual boot kali and ubuntu with 2 different LVMs. But it also must be possible to do this with a single LVM and some volume groups to hold the virtual partitions like swap and root.

    Now here is what I did:
    Use your ubuntu live stick and gparted to set up 4 partitions.

    sda1 1GB ext4 /boot (for your ubuntu in LVM1)
    sda2 XXGB LVM1
    sda3 1GB ext4 /boot (for Kali)
    sda4 XXGB (not formated)

    You can proceed to install ubuntu the way you would manually (if you have questions, let me know).
    After that you need to install Kali and make shure to install /boot into sda3. Also you should write grub (bootloader) onto another parttion (not sda). Though I is working, but if ubuntu updates the kernel you always need to update grub to find your kali again (which is only possible if you previously decrypt your sda4).

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