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Thread: Kali Linux random shutdown [power management issue?]

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    [SOLVED] Kali Linux random shutdown [power management issue?]

    SOLVED, Read Last Post!

    I tried running off Live USB [aka no modification to ISO or install on HDD], and the same symptoms happen-
    Does this suggest a driver causing incompatibility?

    AHH! I had just finished typing this and then BAM it happened, so I have to retype what I wrote. That's what I get for trying to get help while running Kali! I am retyping this on Windows now.

    I setup a tripleboot on my UEFI laptop [OSX and Windows do NOT suffer from this issue] using Clover as my bootmanager.

    Description of issue: For no apparent issue, my laptop will completely shut down [as in holding down the power button] and then start itself up again right after, but this ONLY happens when using Kali Linux 2.0. This can happen after 2 minutes, after 30 minutes, an hour, etc etc. It seemsSEE EDIT AT BOTTOM, NEW INFO completely random! I can let my computer idle, be typing something in leafpad, using terminal, using ice weasel and it will happen! [I disabled sleep, in case you were wondering].

    Temperature issue? NOPE: I have temp monitoring software on my Windows install and after looking around the net for a possible cause (some claim it is a temp issue), so I installed temp commands into Kali to check. I can confirm temperature has nothing to do with my issue- It can happen at 40C, 50C, or 90C- there is no relation. I constantly render and push my CPU in Windows and have never had an issue, and the CPU can be pushed in Kali when running aircrack-ng just fine- the fans are operating as they should.

    Here are my specs:
    Mobo: HP ENVY dv7-7212nr Notebook PC
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz/HM77
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M[DiscreteGPU]//Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 [Integrated] (1920x1080)

    This is driving me mad, because it only happens on Kali Linux!
    For clarification, I use Clover > Select my GRUB entry > and use GRUB to boot Kali 2.0.
    At startup there is a warning about Open Vulnerability Service not running or something... it goes away to fast- where is the log of startup located? Maybe this will help find the problem.

    Any ideas what it could possibly be? Could it be related to the discrete NVIDIA GPU? Do I need to install driver to prevent this, or does Kali's installer take care of this?

    This is the only issue with my Kali Install- if anyone could help figure it out I would be most appreciative!

    I do have some patched DSDT/SSDTs for my OSX install; that does not carry over to Kali through Clover... right?

    SOME INFO I 100% confirmed after some testing. I was wrong about this happening when idling. And I initially thought this only occured when not plugged in, but I debunked that too.

    1. This only happens when on Kali Linux
    2. It does not matter if I am on Battery Power or Plugged In
    3. Does not happen if nothing is open [idle]
    4. Happens in about 4minutes [oddly enough, the 4 min-shutdown appears to be constant] if actively using airodump-ng [without writing to disk]
    -- now it seems to be random again... [see third post]

    It also happened while I was using Iceweasel writing about this issue (the first time I tried to post this) despite the page having already been loaded and I was typing about the UEFI boot setup. I will do some more tests, but I am starting to think it is related to wireless in some way. I will double check if it this happens when I am just using leafpad [aka no network use].

    Further, I can push the HDD by running aircrack-ng for 40 mins etc with no issue, which further supports my theory that its not the HDD, but the wireless may be the issue.

    Video of the shutdown in action [happened after running airodump-ng for 4mins]
    The video is kinda in a bad spot- but if you wait for overlay to go away you will see the power [white] on the left, and two orange lights [audio and wifi]

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