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Thread: Kali Linux on Hard Drive (issues)

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    Kali Linux on Hard Drive (issues)

    I am getting error "failed to install Grub on this device" while selecting the only partition in my HDD .
    Here what I did first
    1- Made a boot-able kali linux usb
    2-Tried to install through Graphic and install option but there was same error "Cd Mount error "
    3- then I went to kali linux live and installed it from there at "Grub " Option there was an error failed to install grub
    4-From live terminal I Chroot the Hdd and installed the grun manually but after some processing I got to the screen to choose where to install the grub
    5-I have selected the HDD option and got that error"Failed to install grub on this device"
    6- The other device showing is my usb flash
    P.S Internet was connected and accessible
    Sorry If it may s

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    Did you select a partition on the device or the device itself? You should not be selecting a partition. Use the device. In other words select /dev/sdx, not /dev/sdxY.

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