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Thread: How to sleep Kali V2

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    How to sleep Kali V2

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to sleep my new Kali V2 install. I press the power button but only see restart and shut down.

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    Since no one has answered what I think is a trivial question, is the only way to sleep kali v2 through the terminal? Forgive me if a quick google search would yield the answer, but I have been unsuccessful in this approach.

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    Presumably you installed on a laptop?
    You just close the lid to sleep or press the on/off button.

    Kali2 uses Gnome 3 power options are on the dock on the right second icon from bottom, settings, then power.

    Sorry dock on left side (not right).
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    Try a slightly longer press of the power button.
    (mine needs 1-3 seconds)

    If that fails...

    Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcut
    Command = systemctl suspend
    > set to key-press of choice.

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    I didn't think of pressing the power button on my desktop, but that did the trick. I can't believe that there are no buttons to go to sleep from the GUI, though (or is my install just messed up?). I have a desktop, and not a laptop, but it is connected to a UPS. I disconnected that, and it made no difference. I have no button to sleep the computer like I used to in Kali V1, after I press the power button on the right of the taskbar (only cancel, restart, shutdown). Is this normal?

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