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Thread: Building Image with custom Startup Scripts

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    Building Image with custom Startup Scripts

    Hello Community,

    I seached google and the forum's but didn't find the solution for that.
    I came across the Idea to build my own Kali Image with a bit more security preinstalled in it.
    For that I need to make my Kali.iso to execute scripts in the Liveboot forensic version.

    I created already some scripts I need in the config/hooks/ directory.
    Packages I need to be installed i've put into the package-lists/kali.list.binary.

    My problem is, that the idea of executing boot scripts through the hooks is wrong(I think so).
    By building the .iso the build script executes the scripts I placed in hooks/. They dont work since they for example copy files from an unencrypted partition after live boot, the partition isnt there at the building process. Its created later.

    tl;dr : where to place a script that needs to be executed on runlevel 2 in forensic live boot? (while building a .iso)
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