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Thread: Sound Quality problem

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    Sound Quality problem

    I recently installed kali 2.0, and I'm loving it. Only thing is that I'm having problems with my laptop's sound quality. It sounds empty, or hollow. I'm not exactly sure how to put it to words, but it's noticeably very poor than Windows 10. It's not as rich as it should be. If I put up the volume to 100%, my laptop's speakers start to resonate and distort, just sounds terrible overall. i mean theres no depth in sound details, less bass , less treble and all that stuff. Here ARE the details of my built-in soundcard. Screenshot from 2015-10-22 00:04:06.jpg, i tried searching for sound enhancers like waves maxx sound driver but most of them are not yet made for a linux platform. is there any solution for this thing?? i mean like any good sound enhancer for kali or sth like that
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    try to install this plugin (alsa equalizer)
    but I'm not satisfied with it too much. Maybe in your case it will be ok

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    Can you post output from

    inxi -Ax

    If you get command not found, run

    apt-get install inxi

    Kali was designed for security and penetration testing so may not be setup for best audio.
    Audio system on linux are Alsa, PulseAudio and ESD but may be others now.

    Also post your screenshots on imgmur and post the link from imgmur

    This way you can send a large screenshot and not use any excess bandwidth
    on the forum.

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