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Thread: Error in start ssh in kali 2.0

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    Error in start ssh in kali 2.0

    Hello everyone
    I just installed ssh in Kali 2.0 and when I run update-rc.d -f ssh defaults, got the message:

    "insserv warning current start runlevel (s) (empty) of ssh script 'overrides defaults lsb (2 3 4 5)"

    And the service does not load with the machine at boot time.
    If I run command "./ssh start", it loads without error, in "rcconf" command, ssh is enabled, in "chkconfig -l" it is listed and activated ... creating a symbolic link in "/etc/rc5.d" it also does not load... I do not know what to do!!!
    Any hint ???

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    Kali 1.x was based on Debian 7 - which used init/update-rc.d
    Kali 2.x is based on Debian 8 - which uses systemd/systemctl

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