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Thread: repositories for kali moto?

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    Question repositories for kali moto?

    Hi guys, i am using both kali 2.0 and 1.0(as due to some bugs in kali 2.0), as 2.0 is using latest repos but kali 1.0 official repos are not working and i cant use 2.0 repos with kali1 as it also start installing 2.0 packages and dependencies.
    Now i am using some debian repos for some supporting softwares, not penetration tools but just for normal softwares like i installed torrent or filezilla etc, so is that ok if i use repos other then kali official repos.
    and also are there other official repos that i can still use with kali moto.

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    I'd be careful mucking around with /etc/apt/sources.list To paraphrase the documentation, it's likely to cause more problems than it solves.

    A blog entry was recently posted about Kali 1.0 end of life at Some of the info there may help you.

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