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Thread: Metasploit update essential exploits missing

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    Metasploit update essential exploits missing

    I have used kali linux 1.0.0a for a long time and doesnt had to make change for a long time. Know my laptop gets broken and i got a new one. I used my live usb stick to install kali 1.0.0a again and went into various problems. i have edited my sources.list to point to the olk kali repo at

    I recognized, some essential exploits, payloads and stuff are missing and i also cant update it using msfupdate. I've seen a yt video, that says the metasploit-framework (community) is installed but you have to manually add all the required stuff again. Is that true? Also where i have to add it? I tried to download the exploit-db repo from github and put it in my /root/.msf4/modules folder and call them by their full path in msfconsole, without any success.

    I also tried using msfupdate from within the new kali 2.0 live cd (sana repo) without success.

    Please can anyone help me getting metasploit to work as before?

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    You can try apt-get purge metasploit-framework to remove MSF. Then, download the framework from Rapid7, and manually install it. I've never had to do that, always used MSF from inside Kali (and BackTrack, before that).

    If you can, I'd upgrade to the latest version of Kali. That would be easiest in the long term.

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