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Thread: Useful links for about some major problems in Kali

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    Useful links for about some major problems in Kali

    Useful posts about some major problems:
    This is list of posts here on forum that cover about 90% of asked questions here. Therefore, please first read each post careful and then ask for help

    First post is about some install errors on Kali 2.0 and how members solve it.

    this post is about working method how to install Kali 2.0 on system

    this post is about how to make a persistent usb flashdrive on Windows

    this post is about method how to install Kali on USB (P.S. you can use this method for other Linux distro)

    this post is about some troubleshooting start up errors

    this post is about troubleshooting network issue during installation

    this two posts is about how to install Kali on UEFI boot system
    also good post for installing Kali and other Deabian based OS with UEFI (about steps to be taken)

    this post is about how to enable monitor mode in Kali 2.0 (it is not same like in older version)

    Hope this will be helpful for all of you
    Many thanks to all members who wrote these posts and tutorials
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