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Thread: SHA1s don't match NetHunter zip

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    Question SHA1s don't match NetHunter zip

    I've downloaded the Nexus 7 Lollipop (2013) .zip file four times and my SHA1 sums all matched each other, but not the SHA1s on the download page.

    File name:
    Download Page says: 606e391afe2ff3cef523f64dd66be85779599c78
    My 4 Downloads: 3F8104E6A1ED3D44AF3C159DEDFC77008D334F9 (8 7294 358 bytes, 832MB)

    I tried 3 different downloaders.
    The archive tests valid with 7zip and flashes in recovery.

    Can anyone please confirm the SHA1s on

    I used a program called Free Download Manager ( and now the SHA-1's are matching the ones listed on the download page.

    The first 4 downloads were done using Firefox and Firefox addons (download managers), so I suspect downloading the zip via Firefox is the problem.
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