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Thread: unable to locate package ntpdate

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    unable to locate package ntpdate

    Hi - I've installed Kali Linux 1.1.0 b4bit inside VMware Workstation 12 (I need to run the older version of Kali, for boring reasons)

    When trying to install some software I got the following error:
    E: Unable to locate package ntpdate

    I tried apt-get update, but I got a series of 404 errors...

    Any hints?

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    404 is address not found, but can also mean youre offline.
    I'd check your connection

    ping -c4

    If apt-get update has failed to renew your sources list then it could also mean that
    the mirror is down, the sources.list should be as follows:

    As youre running on vmware its possible your host system is blocking access
    via a firewall so check all those out first.

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    thanks, yes it was a repositories issue!

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