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Thread: The application, terminal, root tabs are gone after update

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    The application, terminal, root tabs are gone after update

    Hi, i had a perfectly working kali linux installed on my system (dual boot with XP). 2 days back i updated using APT and now i observe that the application, terminal, browser, root, date and time tabs are missing. The folders are missing the minimise, maximise and close buttons. i have no access to the shortcut menus applications. What now appears on the desktop are those which i had saved in the desktop with kali linux wallwaper in blue.
    Please help.
    P.S: I tried all the methods mentioned on internet to fix this such as ( apt-get install kali-menu -y method), (Alt + right click which doesnt open anything) and also went on looking for .config files for menus.

    please help

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    next time when you do apt-get update
    you will get line something like this " those X library can be safely removed from system ... (and list of library that you can "safe" remove)
    and those question "do you want do delete it"
    always answer no and everything will work.
    on this point I can only suggest you reinstall Kali or try to update (fix those missing library) from installation dvd/usb
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    Hi duxim,
    i re-installed kali 1.1 again and will update keeping in mind your suggestions.


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