I recently installed latest kali 2.0 (VMWare).

I mostly followed the guide to install vpn for kali from with one exception: packager network-manager-strongswan doesn't seem to exist.

After a reboot I could add a new openvpn connection from a file (opvn) and start it. I got connected. Immediately after this I could see the VPN submenu with Wire-with-a-lock icon in the drop down menu (nothing in the Top Bar) still stating "Off" while I was successfully connected.

I disconnected vpn.

The Problem

After rebooting I don't see the menu for VPN anymore in the drop down menu in the upper right
When successfully starting a vpn connection (from opening the network menu, selecting vpn and hitting the start button), there's no indication like a vpn icon in the Top Bar, so you never really know if the connection is active or not.

Looks like the problem is somehow related to the root user. If I login as a non-root user, I get the icon and functionality working.

Since I'd like to run kali as root (less problems with wireshark etc.) I still like to get the icon and vpn working correctly.

Any solutions?