Hello, hello to all my Kali friends!

To keep it nice and short I'm here to gain support on getting my 5inch TFT screen working on Kali linux (if possible).

I have purchased this randy cheap touch screen from Aliexpress (so specs/details are very limited) "LC ZC37200" apparently is the brand name and model. Found here.

Basically the screen does work out of the box, however there is a thick black/blank line in the middle of the screen where the screen doesnt seem to display anything as well as being distorted around the edges.

I know the actual screen itself is not broken as it works fine when plugged into my Windows PC however on the RaspPi running Kali it runs but with a large portion of the screen missing.

Must I interface my screen manually with the RaspPi in order for it to work? Any tutorials on how to do this? I take it no matter the OS I install the results will be the same? The raspi-tft image didnt work with my 5 inch TFT (I take it, it is designed for the one specific screen only).

Thanks for your support