I downloaded a Kali-linux-2.0-armel.img.xz compressed image file from the official download page of Kali Linux. After having matched the sha1 checksum, I decompressed the file using the unxz decompression utility from Ubuntu 14.04. Further, I used the dd command to make the SD card bootable. Now, it shows the SD card as Debian_Live. However, all I get is a blank monitor screen with the Pi device powered on and no apparent connections to my keyboard or mouse. If I replace it with NOOBS, everything works fine.
I have a Raspberry Pi B+ model, and the micro SD is a class 10, 32 GB card, if it helps.
Further, I have also noticed that there is another image on the websites of offensive-security, Kali-Linux-2.0-rpi.img. What is the difference between this and the image that I have used?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.