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Thread: can't access tty job control turned off

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    can't access tty job control turned off

    Hello everybody.

    I booted my kali linux and logged in but after clicking log in button, it stocked at a dark window for minutes. I forced to power off (holding power button) and rebooted, kali wanted to do a check disk but couldn't continue and says: "can't access tty; job control turned off"

    I'm using Kali 2.0 and windows 7 Dual boot, using GRUB. Please help me.

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    Something went wrong in your install, cant access tty usually means the linux kernel cannot find your root partition.
    So where is your root partition? sda3? sda5? somewhere else?

    The easiest way is to reinstall kali. Make yourself a bootable CD, because it can be used in live mode, and can
    also be used to diagnose your system if you make the same mistake again

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