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Thread: Nethunter 2.0 on Nexus 4

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    Nethunter 2.0 on Nexus 4


    Can anyone tell me if Nethunter 2.0 is working on the Nexus 4 now?

    Just picked up a Nexus 4 on eBay today, as the main Nethunter page appears to have Nexus 4 listed as a supported device, and this was going to be a cheap testbed for dipping my toes in the Nethunter waters.

    But (holding my hands up!), I didnt research it enough, and im getting the impression 2.0 may not be supported, and the previous release seems difficult to get.

    Can anyone shed any light?

    Many thanks!!

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    if you have the device y dont you try to install nethunter on it

    & please share your experience with me
    i am also thinking about purchasing a nexus 4

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    kali Sana 2.0 is not compatible for your Nexus 4 sorry dute, you can install kali 1 on your Nexus 4 have a nice day and good luke

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    Cannot find a repo for previous NH ver.

    Is there somewhere a NH 1 for Nexus 4 to download and install?



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    admins please help him

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