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Thread: Kali 2.0 Running Slow, freezes for 2-5 seconds

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    Kali 2.0 Running Slow, freezes for 2-5 seconds

    I did an upgrade to Kali 2.0 and immediately i did that and restarted, My desktop will ONLY sure wallpaper and cursor, I solved that by reading alot of posts and what worked was PRESSING
    ALT + TAB
    However, the system runs really slow and so I decided to check on
    and found out that the system was generating alot of these:

    Nov 16 11:02:57 Brun0L3z gnome-session[2539]: (gnome-shell:2671): mutter-WARNING **: STACK_OP_RAISE_ABOVE: window 0x6d01600016 not in stack
    I did some searches but nothing seems to help.

    I am running Kali 2.0 Debian Wheezy 32bit on HP Pavilion M6 1TB HDD and 8GB RAM
    no other system is sharing the PC Just Kali

    Thanks for any help

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    Mine is the same, not really usable due to the lag. I tried updating Gnome to 3.16 based on some other posts, helped a little but not much. If you use XFCE desktop its much faster but not as easy to use and looks not nearly as good. Hoping someone finds the answer soon.

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    I don't have those problem with lite version of Kali which use xfce, but with "big" one I also have same problems.
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