I have a Mac, and I usually boot Kali on a USB drive under "Persistance Mode". Today I was booting up (like I always do), and I think that I might have clicked on "Encrpyed Persistance Mode" beacuse I wasn't paying much attention. I think I did that because while booting up it said it was installing a bunch of stuff that is already installed. I shutdown in panic to try and not have anything overwritten. I tried to boot up in Persistance Mode, and I got an error message on a white background that said something like "A problem has occured and the system could not recover" and below that was a "Log out" button. No matter which account I log out and back into I still get the same error.

Eventually, I tried to just boot up in the Encrypted mode and thats what I'm in now. My directories aren't where they are because they were replaced with new ones, however I am still able to locate the file on the persistance partition, but not on the Kali Live partition. When I wasn't in encrypted mode I dont remember the persistance with all my stuff... I always remember it being under the Kali Live... But I could be wrong.

My question is, am I able to fix/repair and go back to being able to boot into persistance mode or do I have to wipe the USB and set it up from scratch.

If you need any more details about this isue, feel free to ask