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Thread: Creating a Kali Linux 2.0 Live USB with UEFI Support

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    Creating a Kali Linux 2.0 Live USB with UEFI Support


    I'm looking at installing Kali Linux onto a USB drive and using it as a live installation with my laptop whenever i need it. The laptop is a Clevo P650SE and currently runs Windows 10 in UEFI mode. For my installation of Kali Linux onto the USB drive, i want it to support UEFI so that i don't have to keep switching between UEFI and Legacy when booting the system. However when producing the USB in Rufus which is my preferred live USB creation software, i am faced with a message which says the following when choosing a UEFI configuration:

    "When using UEFI Target Type, only EFI bootable ISO images are supported. Please select an EFI bootable ISO or set the Target Type to BIOS."

    So unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to create the live USB with UEFI support. Are there any alternative methods of doing this?


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    No worries, i managed to sort it with the tutorial shown here. Hopefully that will help people who have this problem in the future.

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