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Thread: NetHunter Nexus 7 2012 install issues with Lollipop

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    Exclamation NetHunter Nexus 7 2012 install issues with Lollipop

    I have read many, many tutorials and forum posts trying the self help route and in the process learned a whole lot. Running lollipop on this nexus 7 2012 wifi, no matter what I do NH refuses to start. The present error is "chroot: can't execute '/usr/bin/kalimenu' : no such file or directory".

    At first I thought this was an incomplete NetHunter install due to the OS reporting less space available than what is actually there. Now I suspect it is the kernel:

    In what I can find, the correct kernel may not be installed. Presently I have: 3.1.10-Bricked-v0.591-g0a2e5f6 [email protected] #1

    It looks like I need this one (server no longer online), or this one may work (I have no ability to compile a kernel at present)

    Can someone please provide a link to a compatible, compiled kernel to try? Or anything else I can check, thank you.
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    I've successfully installed 2.0 on a N7(2012) yesterday using this tutorial: ...start with the unbrick in post #3 and then follow the installation guide. That way I had no problems with a fresh installed Lollipop.


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