Hello all have been Directed by Crash to come here and post , how to solve the problem if your wifu usb is not picking up the
kali sana 2 , with virtual machine and how to work your way around that.

here is my step it took a few hrs for me.

1) download a iso image of kali from kali website , will have the one for iso - either 32 or 64bit depending on your system
2) set an universial usb boot software to the usb stick this will take some time,
3) after this is done if youre on a windows 10 or windows user pay close attention to this step / 4
4) after install is complete restart your machine and hit F12 / to get into the boot bios
5) change the system to legacy if it is not picking up the usb device / you will have to change it back for normal boot but same step as 4
6) after it should boot from usb to kali sana,
7) then place your usb adaptor with wifi into your lappy, or pc and it should pick it up but just need your BSSID and password then your wifu should begin.

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