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Thread: i need to screen share my linux machine but all i get is a grey screen

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    Question i need to screen share my linux machine but all i get is a grey screen

    i have a fresh install of Kali Linux and my machine is too far for me to see the screen and i normally Remote in to my machines from my iMac i have tightvncserver running on the linux machine and i cant vnc to my machine as if i do all i get is a grey screen.

    is there any way of remoting in to my machine so i can see the GUI

    i know i can ssh but i need to see the screen as well

    i have seen the screen share options in the share menu. but when i try to turn it all on and come out it still shows as off..

    why is is so hard to connect??
    what am i doing wrong??

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    I don't know why is that happen, maybe something blocs connection?!?
    I can suggest you to install Teamviewer
    and try with it. They have both version for Linux an Mac OS
    I am using it w/o any problems to connect to any OS
    if you are using 64 bit Kali than you have to add

    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
    sudo apt-get update
    in order to successful install Teamviewer on Kali
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