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Thread: OnePlus X and other variants

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    OnePlus X and other variants

    I'm thinking of getting a new smartphone and would like to get something that NetHunter fully supports. Based on my research, my best bet would have been a Nexus 5, but this morning I just got an invite for a OnePlus X and that brought back a question I could not find an answer for.

    I know OnePlus One is fully supported and I am assuming OnePlus X is not, unless there's something I am missing. I am also assuming that Nexus 5x is not fully supported either, and the reason I am making these assumptions is that they have a quite different hardware.

    Am I correct? Has anybody tried NetHunter on Nexus 5x or OnePlus X?

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    I think the OnePlus X would be supported, the internal hardware components are mostly the same as the OPO, the processor and RAM being exactly the same as the OPO.

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