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Thread: Nexus 5 Accessories and OTG Cables

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    Nexus 5 Accessories and OTG Cables


    I am a newbee at Nethunter on my Nexus 5. I am searching in this forum for answers which accessories to use.
    The most postings i have found had troubleshooting as topic.
    So I hope this is the right place for posting my questions.

    What kind of usb wifi card for the 802.11 Wireless Injection and AP mode are good for the use with the nexus 5?
    What kind of USB Y Cable and usb OTG did you use ?
    Are there other cables which have a good compatibility ?

    Thank you for answers


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    Hy tschakram!

    I use wn722n and awus036nh, and bought simple and cheapest otg and otg y cable on ebay /i had n5 and they are worked with it, now use these with oneplus one and with n7 2012/

    "Nethunter Frequently Asked Questions:

    What external USB Wi-Fi cards are supported?
    This is not a conclusive list, however the following cards have been tested and known to work with NetHunter:

    TL-WN722N (Based on Atheros AR9271, using the ath9k driver)
    SWX-SR71 (Based on Atheros AR9170, using the carl9170 driver)
    SMCWUSB-N2 (Based on Atheros AR9170, using the carl9170 driver)
    WNA1000 (Based on Atheros AR9170, using the carl9170 driver)
    AWUS036H (Based on Realtek RTL8187, using the rtl8187 driver)
    TL-WN321G (Based on Ralink RT2870/3070, using the rt2800usb driver)
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