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Thread: Asus X250TA Install.

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    Asus X250TA Install.

    Hey, I currently have a 15 inch HP laptop that's doesn't allow Kali on, so I am currently running Ubuntu with certain software I have put on there for the time being. I was just wondering if I was to get this laptop would Kali run ok or would I be wasting my money? I would have that laptop dedicated to Kali so no duel booting and due to its 11.6 inch size it would be perfect to carry around but I don't want to waste money. Any help is perfect. Thank you

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    If you are still interested, i got Kali running on the X205TA. I made a bootable usb stick with the latest x86 iso of Kali using rufus under windows, then i used a debian 8 iso (CD1) and copied the efi folder from the debian iso to the usb stick. Then on the kali usb you need to rename the "install" folder to "install.386", then i created a folder named "install" to replace the one i renamed. Finally on the debian 8 iso in the /boot/grub folder i copied all files except the efi.img one then i copied it on the kali usb in /boot/grub. Then just plug the kali usb stick in the x205ta, boot it and spam "F2" to get in the BIOS. Once in the BIOS go to the last tab and then select you usb to boot on, then choose install (not graphical install though it should but I didnt tested it) and you're good. Once kali installed just fallow this guide to get the wifi, SD card reader etc working

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    Do you still have the laptop? I didnt manage to make it functional. I did the following:
    - deactivated secure boot
    - created installer
    - modified as you described
    - booted usb and installed

    The result is that it does not boot, it gets me straight to BIOS. Did you do something else, like using a different live usb to install bootloader? I am not a linux user, so please take me easy

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