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Thread: NetHunter in Note 3, working!

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    NetHunter in Note 3, working!

    Hi people! before writing i wish to say sorry for my english. I'm from Argentina, i trying (and works!) port Kali NetHunter to my N900T but this works in other models. Repeat, sorry for my english!

    I ported this using files from Nexus 5 and this works, i don't know how make a zip to flash from recovery but i make a simple script for install this from console with Terminal Emulator and this works. The APK is version 1.0 but works perfect!

    I put all in a zip file, and put the instructions here for install

    First, the NetHunter apk is version 1.0 but Kali NetHunter files are latest version, this is possible update in console. A bug that i find is menu in console that in options dont works (wifite for example) but in console typing "wifite" works perfect (see screenshots below).

    The steps are easy, extract zip file in same folder in /sdcard for example and install apks (all apps are in aplicaciones.tar.gz). Install Terminal Emulator, NetHunter Launcher and in terminal type:
    cd /sdcard/folder_where_you_extract_all_files/
    chmod 777 instalar
    sh instalar
    Wait and open Kali NetHunter Launcher and nothing more than test this!

    Here the links!
    Mirro 1
    Mirror 2
    Mirror 3
    Mirror 4
    Mirror 5
    Mirror 6
    Mirror 7
    Mirror 8

    For wifi testing is necessary OTG cable and wifi dongle

    In my phone i have a ROM ported from Note 4 with TW and ShinTo MartyMcFly kernel that works perfect!

    Here a video captured from my phone (sorry for landscape mode that rotate xD)
    Note: Contact me for the URL.

    Sorry but i don't know how create to flash from Recovery.

    From Argentina with love :silly: :good:
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