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Thread: desktop install freeze at 33%

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    desktop install freeze at 33%

    Hello everybody.
    I have tried to install Kali on a desktop with this configuration:
    dualcore Amd cpu
    nvidia 8600 video card
    SSD 64Gb
    3Gb ram

    I have tried to install twice via dvd, but every time the process stops at 33% of the installation ..on entire disc choice.
    I have follow the simpliest way suggest by the possibilities suggested my in the dvd.

    this is not my first time whit linux. In family we use Linuxmint and backtrack 5.02 ( on laptop) at this time, in dual boot with.. ok no ads

    where is the problem ?

    thanks to everyone can help

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    Hello Mass, I have the same problem here.

    I faced this problem using a MacBook and installing a dual boot Kali Linux USB.
    Im not sure why the system freeze when the partitioner reach 33% but "funny" enough it seems like this problem just appears randomly, even when the installing in the same machine in several occasions (This happened with more than one machine Pc or Mac) .

    Now, I will try to help as much as I can with some scenarios and some of the solutions that worked for me:

    When you find yourself on the "ugly 33%" situation you can press Ctrl+Alt+F3 Windows or Fn/Ctrl + Ctrl/Alt + F3 on MacBook/MacWhatever to open a Terminal.

    On your Terminal:# ps to get report of the current processes.

    In that list you should see at the very end the process of the partitioner:
    16763: xxxx
    16764: xxxx
    16765: << Partitioner

    On your Terminal:# Kill 16765 ( The ID number of the process may vary in your computer )

    Now go back to the installer pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 Windows or Fn/Ctrl + Ctrl/Alt + F1 Mac

    Your will see a red screen indication that the process has fail, Ok whatever ...

    From here I will recommend go back to Terminal Ctrl+Alt+F3 .... and create the partitions by hand with fdisk ( This normally resolve the situation 90% of the time ), and then go back to the installer.

    Also sometimes I have noticed that just creating 1 random partition (ex FAT, NTFS .... Not Free Space ) helps to resolve this problem once you go back to the installer and to the partitioner screen once again, delete the partition and leave to the partitioner how to administrate the free space.

    And finally ... ( and this worked for me 100% of the time, but it takes twice as long ), on the partitioner screen create ONLY one partition and run the installation without SWAP or BIOS boot partitions, once the installation finished, you will need to run the partitioner once again (without restarting, on the main menu), delete the partition and start from the beginning, leave to decided to the partitioner what to do with the free space.

    I wish I could be more precise in what causes the issue, and I hope any of this information works for you or for anyone out there.

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