What I have been experiencing has been a little tricky. To simulate myself not having any internet connection and trying to crack my WiFi password for my router, I disconnect my laptop from the internet. Then I boot up Kali Linux in Virtualbox. When using 'ifconfig' or 'iwconfig' I can see my external wireless adapter that I bought under 'wlan0' (ALFA AWUS036NH), so I go ahead and perform 'airmon-ng check kill' and 'airmon-ng start wlan0' to put the wireless adapter into monitor mode. From this point I go ahead and try 'wifite' to start the process of cracking the password, but the wireless card doesn't pick up any networks. I check with 'airodump-ng wlan0mon' to see if I can pick up an APs that way, but that yields no results either.

Now, here's the weird thing. If I connect my laptop to my router (so I have an internet connection) as I normally have it, and then boot up Kali to put wireless adapter into monitor mode and run 'wifite', it'll pick up nearby networks. Problem is, I am already connected to my own router via the host OS, so my AP doesn't show up. If I go ahead and disconnect the host OS from the internet, I can no longer pick up an AP in the area.

I have been playing around with my network settings in Virutalbox, but I don't think I have them right. I should be able to pick up APs in the area without being connected to the internet. My external wireless adapter functions properly, so I ruled that out. Any ideas? Maybe run a dual boot of Ubuntu (Host OS) and Kali?

Version: Kali Linux 2.0
VM: Virtualbox
Host OS: Ubuntu 14.04
Link to a couple screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/N8e8M