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Thread: Problems using Kali Linux Persistent Usb Stick on different computers

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    Problems using Kali Linux Persistent Usb Stick on different computers

    Hello, im using Kali Linux 2.0 on a USB Stick with persistence.

    Since i am mainly using it on my Desktop, i installed latest Nvidia Drivers to get both of my DVI Devices running and it works well.

    The stick also works great on my Notebook which has also Nvidia Graphic Card but the problem begins when trying to start it on my Acer Switch HD 10. After fixing keyboard, installing WLAN Driver everything worked until the moment i installed the Nvidia Driver. Since then Kali boots up in Text Mode...

    Earlier it was no problem starting gui mode on both with the problem on my Desktop without Drivers i could just using 1 Monitor.

    tl;dr: Is there any way (doesn't have to be a perfect clean solution just something that helps me out even if it means i have to type in even more stuff to boot from my acer as it does now to boot up) to... i dont know creating 2 different profiles that i can switch to load the nvidia driver or the regular drivers for my Acer?

    EDIT: this problem appears just on my acer that has intel graphics

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    Stuff i found out so far:[1]
    I think bumblebee can be setup to not start when no intel card is found.
    And really...
    Since i am mainly using it on my Desktop.....
    Get a real distro. Kali is not a desktop distro. It's totally insecure to use for any desktop usage.


    option 2: format again - have 2 systems with 2 drivers and a third partition for home


    option 3:

    its like manually renaming xorg.conf in text mode and when use it back on nvidia just rename it again i guess

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    Problem was gnome for me, every other Window Manager is able to handle it.


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