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Thread: not Detect SSD Hard Disk when installing Kali Linux 32 Bit on Dell Inspiron

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    Exclamation not Detect SSD Hard Disk when installing Kali Linux 32 Bit on Dell Inspiron

    hi there

    I try to install kali-linux-2.0-i386 on my laptop ... SSD divided into 2 parts
    when i reach to detect disks it didn't show SSD , just detect my USB Flash Driver which I use to install Kali Linux
    although when i try to install windows 10 or windows 8.1 it works perfectly
    how can i solve this problem

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    Its doing the same thing for me.
    No idea...

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    and how you try to install it on SSD drive?
    did you try from install or from live mode? there is difference.
    for installation on ssd you should use live mode
    read this
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    Have you tried the 64-bit Kali install? Might also try installing from DVD.

    I've got an older model inspiron (1535, I think), and 64-bit Kali is running fine on it. I installed from DVD, and dual boot with Windows 7.

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