I have kali nethunter 2.0 running on my stock android 5.1.1 nexus 5 that cant mount wifi adapter /edup 802.11n/. I tired bouth the adapter and the cable - they work / cable is y one so it has power olso//when .
Tried apt-get update olso and update kali chroot from the menu - still doesnt find it and when i try to unmoun the external wifi i get this -
You dont have iw installed, please install it from....
If your distro doesnt have a recent version you can download it from bla bla link doesnt work
error: SIOCGIFFLAGS (No such device)

Only 1 time till now i managed to lunch wifite and was from the launcher - if i go throu the menu in terminal whatever option i choose it starts for less than a sek and i get back on the options menu

Any help is appreciated