On the top of my desktop where Programs, and Places are located, i have an extremely annoying issue with "Places".
When i press Places, the roll-down menu comes down, and shows: Home, Pictures, Documents, Music, Videos, "my computer", and Networking.
If i press Home, or any of the other buttons that are supposed to take me to the sub-folders inside my home directory, instead of opening the folder in Nautilus, it suddenly starts up the "disk analyzer" (/usr/bin/baobab)
And it shows me the analysis of the folder i pressed!

I've tried checking these things for errors:
update-alternatives --all

And also the configuration tool that comes with Kali Sana.

This problem is annoying, and it just suddenly happened a while back, and i can't seem to fix it.
If someone know the solution, or can point me in the right direction, i would really appreciate it! Thanks!