Hi all.

I try to follow a book and learn a bit about Kali and pentesting.
In the first lesson i have to try out dmitry.

Dmitry doesnt work. Am i the only one facing the problem that when i try to check the localhost or another computer nearby .. it does nothing than showing me the help over and over again...
Doesn't matter which flag or target i use.
I dont even see an error. It just provides no output.

I tried it with all and with every single flag alone, but it has no effect.

root@kali:~# dmitry -winsepb
Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool
"There be some deep magic going on"

Usage: dmitry [-winsepfb] [-t 0-9] [-o %host.txt] host
  -o     Save output to %host.txt or to file specified by -o file
  -i     Perform a whois lookup on the IP address of a host
  -w     Perform a whois lookup on the domain name of a host
  -n     Retrieve Netcraft.com information on a host
  -s     Perform a search for possible subdomains
  -e     Perform a search for possible email addresses
  -p     Perform a TCP port scan on a host
* -f     Perform a TCP port scan on a host showing output reporting filtered ports
* -b     Read in the banner received from the scanned port
* -t 0-9 Set the TTL in seconds when scanning a TCP port ( Default 2 )
*Requires the -p flagged to be passed
Does dmitry not support newer versions of kali? i made an upgrade & dist-upgrade from kali before installing dmitry... maybe its an version issue?

Any idea whats wrong?
I use a raspberry b+ btw.