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Thread: BeEF Issue on Nexus 10 Lolipop

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    Angry BeEF Issue on Nexus 10 Lolipop

    I got nethunter on my Nexus 10 Lollipop but whenever i try to use the BeEF exploitation framework it doesnt load the authentification ui on the dvice because of hosting issue's i even tried on my windows machine to load the webpage and no such luck. I removed beef and all of its dependancies and reinstalled them then force reloaded the service and i even loadedd the ruby script in /usr/share/beef-xss/beef and it looks like it should work and does hook on devices but doesnt load its (insert curse word here) ui. I have been looking aorund the internet and no one has found a fix i am beggining to think BeEF is useless on nethunter.

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    I am having the exact same issui. The admin_ui file is missing in javascript-min and I have installed nethunter 4 times. Updated everything and

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