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Thread: Installing Weaved on Kali 2.0.1 for Raspberry Pi 2 remote access to tcp services

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    Installing Weaved on Kali 2.0.1 for Raspberry Pi 2 remote access to tcp services

    I read the terms of service, honestly, so let me know if I should not post about this product.

    Weaved is a small daemon that installs easily on many ARM-based Debian OS embedded devices, and gives you "service-level VPN" access to individual tcp services on your device. Some of the most popular applications are:
    • ssh for remote console and scp/sftp file transfer
    • VNC for remote desktop
    • http for device web configuration UI

    You can also use the Weaved daemon to proxy to other devices on the LAN it is connected to.

    You connect to Weaved either through a web portal or Linux/Mac compatible scripts which create a peer-to-peer connection.

    Installing Weaved on Kali 2.0.1 for Kali 2.0.1 for Raspberry Pi

    After you get Kali running on your Pi, log in and run the following commands:

    sudo apt-get update

    The size of the deb file is: 88752 bytes
    and the md5 checksum is: b7ef76fa8ffa462ca495ca7a47a65ee5

    Once those check out OK, run:

    sudo dpkg -i weavedconnectd-1.3-03.deb

    This will complain about some missing dependencies, but then you can run:

    sudo apt-get install -f

    and the dependencies will be resolved, and the Weaved installation will complete.

    Finally, run:

    sudo weavedinstaller

    and you can follow the rest of the instructions here:

    While you can install Weaved services using SSH on your LAN, if you are using a Weaved SSH connection and running the Weaved installer, you must be careful not to touch the connection you are currently using. Avoid the following to prevent termination of your Weaved SSH connection:

    1) sudo apt-get upgrade (if a weavedconnectd upgrade is available)
    2) sudo killall weavedconnectd
    3) sudo stop
    4) sudo restart
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