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Thread: Kali 2 and nvidia drivers

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    Question Help please

    Quote Originally Posted by Fushikkles View Post
    Problem Solved for NVIDIA proprietary drivers (older ones at least):

    Find your specific driver at: and save to Desktop.

    Commands followed:

    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade
    apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)

    DO NOT: apt-get install nvidia-kernel-dkms (this will prevent you from installing your specific driver that is not covered in the generic nvidia package)

    Then run: sed 's/quiet/quiet nouveau.modeset=0/g' -i /etc/default/grub

    - The proprietary driver wont install without this nouveau being killed so do that now...

    Type: CTRL+ALT+F2 and at the prompt type 'init 3'. Check status with 'runlevel' command (it should say 3 or something like 5 3.

    Locate the .run/exe file on Desktop with cd \Desktop and execut with chmod u+x [file name as on desktop]

    Install should work fine now....

    The only problem now (and its bugging me a little) is that every time i install a package (whatever package) it is asking me whether i want to uninstall the driver i have installed and re-install the generic package! I always click no and i double checked with nvidia-settings (having to install it and doing the same thing with that - i.e., saying no to uninstalling my proprietary driver) which confirms that my driver is installed and recognized. It seems to work fine... but i dont understand why apt-get install [package x, y, z] would cause nvidia uninstall to initiate....

    Also, every package installs successfully despite warnings that it hasn't... pulseaudio controllers, transmission, etc... but i suspect the final warning is that the specific driver for my nvidia card wasnt uninstalled and that was all...
    So, I did everething and get error after instalation downloaded nvidia driver:


    Can someone help me please?

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    Hey guys,
    This is my uname -v:
    #1 SMP Debian 4.6.4-1kali1 (2016-07-21)
    I am following the guide and I can't continue from here:
    root@kali:~# apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree       
    Reading state information... Done
    E: Unable to locate package linux-headers-4.6.0-kali1-amd64
    E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'linux-headers-4.6.0-kali1-amd64'
    E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'linux-headers-4.6.0-kali1-amd64'
    Any advice how to continue?

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