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Thread: Load HID Payloads to Duckhunter HID?

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    Load HID Payloads to Duckhunter HID?

    Hi and hello!

    I`ve been trying to load my custom Ducky scripts into the Duckhunter HID. But when clicking load , and i navigate to my script folder, all my scripts is greyed out and impossible to load, have any body else managed to get this function to run? I would appreciate all the help i can get since i am curently stuck

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    whats your file type? i think i had that issue too and they needed to be just .txt files

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    I had the same problem...
    My set up: galaxy s5, cm13 rom with nethunter.
    This problem is caused by the file manager youre using to navigate to your scripts.
    When trying to use the "load from sd" option in nethunter, the file manager that comes with cm13 doesnt let you select scripts.
    If you download the from the playstore, then select "load from sd" and use ZArchiver to navigate to the script, you will be able select the script you want no problem...

    Write out your scripts on windows OS notepad. Transfere them to ya phone. Open up the .txt file using a text editing app (not a notepad app as most of them tend to have a max word per doc limitation) select all text and copy. Open up nethunter, select HID attack, clear all the current text within the box and then paste. you can then "save to sd" from within nethunter and it will be in the correct format.

    Hope this helps 😊
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