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Thread: Advice and help pleas (very uncommon question and very important)

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    Question Advice and help pleas (very uncommon question and very important)

    Hello kaly community I am in this forum to learn new things and also ask for help.
    I have a question it may sound strange, but it would help me a lot if I can solve this problem.

    So let me start by telling who I am. I am visually impaired guy who run Kaley on virtual machine. I am interested in security and stuff but anyways I am using thing, such a screen reader. As my main computer I use windows with screen reader and without any problems.
    So the question is can I install a screen reader okay? I wonder if it is possible. Ubuntu has installed by default called Orka, but there is other more suitable for command line interactions. There few screen readers available to Linux but I have no ideas how to get this working. Is it requires special packages or what. I tried to google around but well nothing is found that could help me. If there are advanced kaly users who can help me out I would defintlly appreciate that a lot because it would help mere to work withkaly. .

    The method I am using at a moment is a bit weard . I have enabled the bidirectional copying and pasting ability between my windows and VM kali. And if I need to read something long texts texts I copy everything in to txt file in to my windows side. and then read what was printed out in kaly. But it would be definitely much easier if I would able to use a screen reader in the kaly operating system and then I could make a bootable usb..

    Thanks I hope someone can help me out pleas it would mean a lot to me.

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    So i tried to install orca in kali but did not have any luck. I wont say it is impossible but there was a note that it is unstable in kali here is a link
    Perhaps someone working on the issue can assist. It does note that it is of low priority.
    On a side note I did use the screen reader in the universal access under all settings if this helps in a pinch. Remember kali starts with sound off by default.

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    Can you explain how did you got screen reader enabled via settings I am not too familiar with settings.
    I found a screen reader would you think it would work?
    I really need help

    I searched how to enable sound whenever Kaly loads and this is a command I found to use
    apt-get install alsa-utils –y

    thanks at lees I got one repply. Would not mind that some forum admins could comment on this thred. Or how do I contact Kalydevelopers?
    Thanks a lot

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    does not matter now found the solutio because kaly uses GNOME3 it is installed by default good lads it work not that bad not as good as on windows but it stil does work

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