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Thread: Nethunter 3.0 on Nexus 5 installation fail

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    Nethunter 3.0 on Nexus 5 installation fail

    Nexus 5 on stock 6.0.1 mmb29k supersu v2.60
    The installation freeze at 90% while trying to extract data/local/kalifs-full.tar.xz I've waited half an hour, but nothing happens, if I try to reboot the phone goes in bootloop on Google logo. The SHA1 of my file is correct.

    I fixed the problem extracting the archive through terminal in recovery, but I get into another problem tar command returns error "seek failure value too large for defined data type", anyhow seems like it extract enough to boot the rom, then through the nethunter app I removed and reinstalled chroot.
    Problems aren't ended now even if i have "chroot" the terminal doesn't run in kali mode, it says I don't have busybox installed, even if I have busybox installed. Any way to fix this?

    UPDATE 2 busybox was installed in su/bin but it has to be in system/bin.

    Everything work fine now
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