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Thread: wifite handshake fix

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    wifite handshake fix

    current wifite build doesn't capture handshakes properly. in you have to change -R to -Y here (-R shows tips) :
       if program_exists('tshark'):
            # Call Tshark to return list of EAPOL packets in cap file.
            cmd = ['tshark',
                   '-r', capfile,  # Input file
                   '-Y', 'eapol',  # Filter (only EAPOL packets) 
                   '-n']  # Do not resolve names (MAC vendors)

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    please can you tell me how i can edit this? I a beginner and fight for hours and hours to fix this problem. It seems you got the solution.

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    havde you tried the new wifite?
    I dont know if its working on on nethunter.

    Im having problems with wifite in nethunter, loops back after enable monitor mode, but i can run it with wifite --mon-iface wlan1mon, but that dosnt work on the new wifite script. how do i add the --mon-iface command to the new wifite? Is it hard?

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