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Thread: apt-get autoremove Problem!!

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    Question apt-get autoremove Problem!!

    in English

    Hello Everyone My name is Diego
    My Problem is
    An Average Day In My OS Of Kali
    I run the command apt-get upgrade, I Launches Information
    Installed 0, 0 upgraded, installed 32, 19 without updating

    Then I run the single command
    apt-get autoremove

    one began to uninstall these packages
    to launch the packages, etc.

    He suddenly loses connection driver icon
    gnome bar
    then I thought what happened?

    end of uninstall and reboot pc problem believing it package or something like that

    when booting machine, I get the usual login

    kali linux, I get the classic login
    (nombreDeMaquina @ login: "root"
    @ root password: *******

    my doubts are

    Past Ah Exactly That?
    As Recupero All?
    As Home Graphic Interface? startx?

    Greetings Please Help me It's Urgent!
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    Try to use: aptitude --safe-resolver.


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