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Thread: OnePlus 2

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    OnePlus 2

    I want to install NetHunter on to a device. I already have a OnePlus 2
    Will the OnePlus 1 distribution install on a OnePlus2?


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    "Oneplus 2 image in the works, but not officially supported yet. Latest is not best."
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    At least you can create your own OnePlus 2 Kernel image (ref. ) and install that on your device. This works. Even the installation of the chroot-environment via the NetHunterApp succeeds. But at the moment I can not chroot into that environment via the Terminal app. :-( See other thread
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    Hy @ all

    I would like to install and Kernel on OnePlus 2 and Oneplus3t both limited to OxygeneOS 3.5.4, API-Level 23, Android 6.0.1.! In #3 is a solution to create a kernel an tools for OPT2. Is there any solution for OPT3t by staying on OxygeneOS 3.5.4 = API-Level 23 Android 6.0.1

    Many Regards


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