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Thread: NetHunter 3 how to chroot into kali?

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    NetHunter 3 how to chroot into kali?

    I have compiled and installed a custom kernel for my OnePlus 2 (following "Building-Nethunter" in the Wiki). This booted, and via the NetHunter App I could successfully download install the chroot environment. However when starting the Terminal Emulator App, I end up at "normal user" in / directory.
    So the su/chroot call was not executed. Is there a batch script to do so? Where? I did not find any script named "kali". :-(

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    su -c bootkali

    That's the command you want. Additionally, you can set it as the initial command under preferences.

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    Yeah! That was the command I was looking for. When manually entered, kali shell starts.

    But I was not able to convince nethunter's Android Terminal Emulator to run that command when selecting Kali as a shell.

    So I finally uninstalled that and installed the Terminal Emulator for Android (from play store) which could be confinured accordingly. However the Nethunter App now fails to start the Terminal Intent. Any ideas?

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    You need to install busybox from google play then open it, hit install and wait for it to finish. Then the nethunter app should work flawlessly .

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