I have a yoga 900 and Kali is failing to recognize my touchpad and touchscreen. It works in Ubuntu 15.10 after upgrading kernel to 4.4 but not in kali. It doesnt work before or after I upgrade kernel to 4.4. I've tested the system with evtest and went through all of the events, none of them picked up my trackpad or touchscreen. I've also went through the /proc/bus/input/devices and it isnt listed their either. Iv tried inserting mods and removing them to generate errors but there is nothing about "designware" or "synaptics" anywhere in my system, not in dmesg or in /var/log/Xorg.0.log. I'm fairly impatient and am wondering what I can do to start getting this working. I'm considering reinstalling ubuntu, but I can't figure out why ubuntu works with it so great with kernel 4.4 while kali doesnt see it at all?? Can anyone elaborate on this or shed some light on why it's different?