So i have 2 monitors set up like this:
Left: secondary (HDMI) Acer (don't know name right now :/)
Middle: primary (DVI) BenQ XL2411Z

And when i have only the dvi connected i see kali linux normally on this one monitor, but when i connect the second monitor the DVI monitor turns black and the second monitor sets up like a 2nd monitor so i only see the background and such... i still can open terminal with right click though but my primary monitor is just black(not the color but as it is off). When i disconnect my HDMI(2nd) Monitor the DVI Monitor is still black and i cant see anything... so i need to connect the hdmi again and open terminal and type "xrandr" but not pressing enter yet. Then I disconnect HDMI again and press enter. My DVI gets recognized again and its the primary ... I don't know whats happening :/

On my windows machine it is working fine that i have 2 monitors but on kali i don't know why this doesn't work -.- any help ? I don't even know what to google on this.. i only find tutorials how to set up dual monitor but not how to recognize them or something idk