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Thread: Raptor WAF - Open Source web application firewall to train bypass attacks

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    Raptor WAF - Open Source web application firewall to train bypass attacks

    Hello sirs this is my WAF to test attacks...
    is made in pure C, don't use regex or other common ways to block attacks, i follow principe KISS (Keep It Simple ), i use this to simulate attacks and bypasses at wafs... i think improve at the future add epoll() and SSL/TLS and improve DFA...

    You can use it at your CTFs or vĂ*deos to explain attacks, academic purposes etc...

    $ git clone
    $ cd raptor; make

    Up this code at your http server
    This version don't suport SSL/TLS, this code have XSS to make a test...

    Test waf with this
    bin/Raptor -h localhost -p 80 -r 8885 -w 4 -o log_attacks.txt
    param "w" is waf protection level have four modes....

    Open server at http://localhost:8885/test.php

    509 of atacks, detect and block 349, 68% of attacks blocked at my tests

    Try attack.... more information

    any suggestion, call me...
    read the docs...

    cheers !

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    @raiden Thank you

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