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Thread: CD drive error when installing Kali in VMWare Player.

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    CD drive error when installing Kali in VMWare Player.

    This is my first experience with Kali (but not with Linux) so I'm going in semi-blind.

    I have the .iso for the latest version of Kali 2016.1, 64-bit downloaded from the website. I set up a virtual machine in VMWare Workstation Player 12, allocated the memory and everything, pointed it to the iso, and ran it.
    It boots up into the live menu just fine, but when I hit the option to "install" and select the language and keyboard, an error pops up, saying:

    [!!] Load installer components from CD
    There was a problem reading data from the CD-ROM. Please make sure it is in the drive. If retrying does not work, you should check the integrity of your CD-ROM.
    I did the integrity check, and it was successful. How do I solve this?

    Note: When setting up the virtual machine, it asks for which Linux version I am installing. I have tried "Debian 8.x 64-bit", "Debian 6 64-bit" and "Other 3.x Kernel"--am I possibly selecting the wrong thing?

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    You can Google this problem.

    But since this also happened to me when installing (normally), the way I resolved it was by removing and reinserting the USB drive.

    In the case of a VM, I'd assume it would be dismounting and remounting the media.

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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm installing to HDD and tried the suggestion above by removing and reinserting the USB stick but had no success.

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