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Thread: TL-WN822N Problem

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    TL-WN822N Problem

    I'm running Kali Linux Nethunter 3.0 on a Nexus 6, and I'm trying to run Wifite with a TL-WN822N wireless adapter but when I open the Nethunter app and open custom commands and run Wifite, it says airmon-ng requires the program iw. I launch the command airmon-ng and try to register my adapter but it never shows up. And when I run Wifite through the Nethunter terminal it says cowpatty is suggested and the command airmon-ng stills does not detect my wireless adapter. I have downloaded the driver for it on my Nexus 6 but have not on Nethunter. Any help? (step by step process, I have basic knowledge of Linux)

    My two OTG cables are:

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    Read my reply for another thread, may help.
    Then Run wifite.
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